Therapeutic Drumming

This therapeutic program focuses on drumming in a fun and interesting environment, experiencing the effects of rhythms while enhancing the participants’ social competencies and leadership skills.

woman_at_percussion_175-175Some drumming skills and techniques will be taught, however, therapeutic aims such as emotional expression, nonverbal communication, and social and team-working skills are integrated into the experiential learning processes.



  • Increasing Self-awareness
  • Enhancing Social Competency
  • Developing & Improving Social Skills and Social Functioning
  • Fostering & Promoting Communication & Expression Skills
  • Learning Coping Strategies for Dealing with Negative Emotions
  • Increasing Frustration Tolerance Limits
  • Learning Impulse Control Strategies
  • Improving Fine and Gross Motor Skills


Typically, the sessions are offered weekly for 45 minutes, and accommodated by one trained music therapist, with a maximum of 16 participants. This program is well suited for children as well as adults. The program can be offered for individuals and/or groups.