Looking for music therapy for groups and individuals?

Welcome to Da Capo Music Therapy Services! Here you find various individual and group music therapy programs based on active and receptive music therapy methods. Our music therapy services are being offered in the Blue Mountains and the outer Western districts.

We aim to tailor a specific music therapy program after an initial assessment period, integrating various creative activities to complement the strengths, abilities, needs, interests and potential of each client.

Support for people of all ages with varying challenges

woman_at_percussion_175-175– Early intervention
– Physical and intellectual disabilities
– Emotional and behavioural problems
– Mental health issues
– Rehabilitation
– Life-threatening illness
– Aged care including dementia
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Active and receptive music therapy methods

boy_at_piano_175-175– Individual music therapy (more)
– Group music therapy (more)
– Social music therapy (more)
– Community music therapy
– Regulative music therapy (more)
– Music Appreciation groups (more)
– Music and relaxation (more)
– Therapeutic drumming (more)

Background: Music therapy – an evidence-based method

music_therapy_cloud_175-175Central to music therapy is for us the development of a creative relationship between client and therapist while employing music to promote the person’s well-being and growth.
Music therapy is evidence-based and applied as an intervention in various populations; particularly in managing many distinct physical, psychological and social problems.
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