Music and Relaxation

‘Music and Relaxation’ is offered as an individual and/or group music therapy program to our clients. Research has shown that listening to music can impact positively on our minds and bodies, i.e. slowing the person’s heartbeat, lowering one’s blood pressure, reducing stress levels, relaxing muscles, and altering the person’s mood and thinking.

During the sessions, clients experience and learn strategies how to apply music as a relaxation, stress and pain management tool. Clients are exposed to the soothing effects of music, predominantly to classical music, and acquire skills to combine listening to music and progressive muscle relaxation in order to improve their well-being and reduce stress. The music therapist supports the individual to learn techniques and exercises of muscle-relaxation and how to choose appropriate music.

Typically, the sessions are offered weekly for 45 minutes within a period of 4 months, and accommodated by one trained music therapist, with a maximum of 8 participants.


  • Learning Coping Strategies for Stress & Pain Management
  • Improving Perception Skills & Bodily Awareness
  • Providing Relaxation & Energising
  • Developing a Healthy Way of Living & Improving Well-being
  • Reducing Stress
  • Improving Mood