Group Music Therapy

group_mt_services_1 Group music therapy provides the opportunity to connect, relate and interact with others who may experience similar problems, and group members can work, grow, and change together under the music therapist’s encouragement. During group music therapy sessions, the potential of the group and its processes are emphasised – experiencing group as a support network, sounding board, place for sharing problems, and safe learning environment. Social interaction and personal development are central aims of group music therapy.


  • Enhancing & Maintaining Personal Skills (musical, social, motor, emotional & cognitive)
  • Learning & Improving Social Skills & Social Competency (sharing, turn-taking, leading & following, cooperation, role flexibility, relationship, boundaries, conflict, etc.)
  • Changing & Increasing Communication
  • Increasing Perception Skills & Personal Awareness
  • Discovering Personal Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Enhancing the Person’s Self-esteem & Self-worthiness
  • Behavioural Management
  • Expressing & Changing Emotions
  • Connecting, Socialising & Interacting – Reducing Social Isolation
  • Improving Well-being & Quality of Life
  • Enjoying Music & Having Fun Within a Group

Individuals with varying abilities and disability make music together and listen to music in order to practice specific social, behavioural, communicative and emotional skills in a well-defined environment, learning new skills which can be tested within the therapeutic group. These abilities can then be assigned to other areas of the person’s life.

group_mt_services_2Music therapeutic interventions such as singing, improvising, dancing, drawing to music, drumming, song writing are tailored to the needs, abilities and interests of the group members. The musical activities are particularly designed to address the specific clinical and learning goals of the group members. Clients are always encouraged to participate actively.

Typically, the learning, supporting and training processes in group music therapy suit a group of 4-12 members. The group size varies depending on the participants’ needs and abilities. The sessions are offered weekly, last for 60 minutes, and led by one trained music therapist.