Music Appreciation Group

The music appreciation group program gives clients the opportunity to enjoy music and experience its positive effects, while connecting and interacting with others. The music therapist facilitates the group and its members to get actively engaged in various listening and music making processes.

Participants are encouraged to be actively involved in musical activities, such as listeningto music, discussing music and ‘musicking’. For example, preferred music can be brought along and experiences shared with the group. Music-making activities, such as jamming, singing, dancing and drumming, will be also offered to the participants.

snydrome de DownTypically, the sessions are offered weekly and last for 60 minutes, accommodated by one trained music therapist, with a maximum of 16 participants.


  • Enjoying Music & Having Fun
  • Improving Well-being & Quality of Life
  • Socialising & Interacting
  • Relaxation & Energising
  • Promoting Listening Skills & Music-making Skills
  • Enhancing & Maintaining Personal Skills such as Musical, Social, Motor, Emotional & Cognitive Skills